Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Elbe Rijn Lloyd B.V. was established in 1993 in Rotterdam/Netherlands by Deutsche Binnenreederei AG, Berlin as an independent freight forwarder for inland shipping. Since January 2000 our office is located in Ridderkerk, on the bank of the river Nieuwe Maas, only 200 metres away from the border of Rotterdam.

In 2014, Deutsche Binnenreederei AG sold their shares and since then, the management of Elbe Rijn Lloyd has the majority of the shares.

As a flexible, customer oriented and economically successful organization, Elbe Rijn Lloyd has concentrated its activities on bulk transport and special transport in the east-west relation. Our team of experts has more than 30 years experience in international inland navigation. Our daily business is precise transport preparation, finding equivalent type of ships and high quality transport fulfilment.

We transport special cargo and bulk cargoes of various volumes from and to the sea- and inland- ports in the Benelux, using all European waterways. Our company name Elbe Rijn Lloyd shows the main interest of our transport activities between the Rhine delta and the East German and East European waterways.

Besides bulk cargo, like fertilizer, coal and grain as well as general cargo, like stones, non ferro metals and bagged products, Elbe Rijn Lloyd is specialised in large-volume- and heavy-lift- cargo and project shipments. For this purpose, we have a fleet of 40 Dutch barges and special ships with German, Polish and Czech flag at our disposal.

Elbe Rijn Lloyd represents inland shipping companies from Middle and Eastern Europe in the Benelux. To ensure precise services at the ports of destination, we have agents in Hamburg, Magdeburg, Dresden, Decin and Usti/Czech Republic at the river Elbe, in Berlin and Szczecin Poland.

Absolute customer orientation and quality, reliability, neutrality and flexibility in transport fulfilment as well as fair prices are standards at Elbe Rijn Lloyd - benefits, which can be yours. As proof of our quality assurance, Elbe Rijn Lloyd is certified against the relevant quality standards.